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Lockout Tagout Placards

Do I need Lockout Tagout Placards?

Lockout Tagout (LOTO) is a crucial safety procedure that is followed in many industrial and manufacturing settings. It helps to prevent accidents and injuries caused by the unintentional start-up of machinery or equipment during maintenance or repair work. LOTO involves the use of locks, tags, and other devices to secure energy sources and prevent the release of stored energy.

In order to ensure that everyone on the worksite is aware of the LOTO procedures, safety placards can be used. These placards are signs or posters that are displayed in prominent areas, such as near machinery or equipment, to provide visual reminders of the importance of LOTO.

The main purpose of LOTO safety placards is to inform workers and visitors of the hazards associated with specific machinery or equipment and to remind them of the procedures that must be followed to ensure their safety. These placards typically include information about the energy sources that must be locked out, including: location, description, energy type, method of operation, and verification method.

Safety placards are also important for maintaining compliance with OSHA regulations and standards. OSHA requires that employers implement a LOTO program and provide workers with adequate training and information about the procedures. The use of safety placards is one way to demonstrate that a company is committed to providing a safe working environment.

LOTO safety placards are an important component of any industrial or manufacturing safety program. They serve as visual reminders of the hazards associated with machinery and equipment and help to promote safe working practices. By ensuring that everyone is aware of the LOTO procedures, safety placards help to prevent accidents and injuries, and help companies maintain compliance with OSHA regulations.

Advanced Safety Graphics Lockout Tagout Placards

Our lockout tagout placards also known as Energy Control and Power Lockout graphics (ECPL) are a visual roadmap for the control of hazardous energy. They are location specific and provide an effective yet simple to read layout for identification of hazardous energy sources (electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, compressed gasses, water, gravity, thermal, etc.) 

Identifying Icons

The identifying icon is one part of the Lockout Tagout or ECPL placard. The icon is placed on or near the hazardous energy source that is identified on the Lockout Tagout signage.

ECPL Mounting

ECPL and Lockout Tagout placards can be mounted in several ways. The most common mounting method is by double sided foam adhesive. If the signage must be mounted on a fence, an adhesive base and zip ties are recommended.

Based on each customer’s unique equipment layouts our custom lockout tagout placards are printed on a state of the art vinyl printer then bonded with a highly durable plastic and UV resistant laminate. This process results in placards and icons that can withstand the test of time in even the harshest manufacturing environment.