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OSHA Compliance

The OSHA Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) website is a great resource that provides the procedure that lays out necessary requirements to disable equipment to prevent the release of hazardous energy while employees perform servicing and maintenance activities. The lockout/tagout standard establishes the employer’s responsibility to protect employees BUT also gives each employer the flexibility to develop a lockout program suited to the specific needs of their environment. Advanced Safety Graphics has been assisting companies and manufacturers develop their own customized and tailored programs for lockout/tagout based on individual needs of the organization, facility and equipment.

Click here for a link of OSHA requirements

Audits are required on yearly basis per OSHA standard section 1910.147(c)(6)(i) “The employer shall conduct a periodic inspection of the energy control procedure at least annually to ensure that the procedure and the requirements of this standard are being followed.”

Case Studies

OHSA has several case studies involving several industries that we service. To review any of the case studies, view their availability on the OHSA Case Study Page.